ALERT: New version of nQuery is not compatible with older versions.

The new version of nQuery, nQuery Advanced cannot translate or convert the files from nQuery 4 or other older versions. You must convert your files by copying from your older version into the newer nQuery Advanced.

WHEN: Starting September 30th, 2019

WHY: The new interface cannot translate older file types. Users will experience compatibility issues, whereby tables created and saved in older version of nQuery will not open in the new version nQuery Advanced.

WHAT TO DO: You must convert your existing files to the new version before September 30th, 2019.

HOW TO CONVERT EXISTING FILES: You currently have both versions (old and new) of nQuery that are needed to perform this conversion.

Old version name: nQuery 4
New version name: nQuery Advanced

Steps to Follow:

  1. Open both versions, nQuery v4.0 and nQuery Advanced.
  2. Open your table in nQuery v4.0.
  3. Manually copy the data from your table in nQuery v4.0 into a new table in nQuery Advanced.
  4. Save the table in nQuery Advanced.

nTerim Tables

nTerim files cannot be opened with nQuery Advanced, and they cannot be converted either. All the nTerim features, except for randomization, have been merged into nQuery Advanced. nTerim is no longer a separate application.

Information on what’s new in the latest release of nQuery Advanced is available here:

Please contact with any questions.

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