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It is possible to link your eRA Commons account to your CCHMC login. This allows you to log in to eRA Commons with your CCHMC credentials. 

If you already have a account, please wait for a couple weeks. If you don't have an account with, please proceed with the instructions below.

Linking Your Accounts

Step 1Go to eRA Commons login page at

Step 2Select Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center from the Login with Federated Account section, then click Login.

Step 3eRA Commons will redirect you to the CCHMC federated login page. Enter your CCHMC credentials and click Login.

Step 4



If eRA Commons requires multi-factor authentication, you will be prompted to complete the Duo authentication step. This is expected to be required for all users on September 15th, 2021.

Note: If you are prompted for Duo authentication, but have not yet complete your Duo setup, you can follow the instructions in our Duo MFA Registration document to get your account ready.

Step 5Once authenticated with CCHMC, you will be redirected back to eRA Commons. You may be prompted to provide your eRA credentials so the accounts may be linked. Enter your eRA User ID and eRA User Password in the provided boxes, then click Continue to complete the process.

Step 6Once the login process is complete and the accounts are linked, you should see a page that looks like this.

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