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When working off-site, you can use Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) to connect to a computer on-site that is turned on and connected to the CCHMC network. You can use these instructions to connect from a personal computer or from one CCHMC computer to another. You must be connected to the CORP VPN or RES VPN first.

Windows Guide

  1. For Windows 7 go to the search box on the taskbar; for Windows 10 go to the magnifying glass icon on the bottom left in your system tray.
  2. Type Remote Desktop Connection
  3. Select Remote Desktop Connection from the list.
  4. In Remote Desktop Connection, type the asset tag of the CCHMC computer (ex. P18-1234, EW20-12345) in the Computer field
  5. Click Show Options
  6. Use the format below to enter your User name; you will need to replace userid with your CCHMC username.
    • chmccorp\userid

  7. Click Connect
  8. Log in to your CCHMC computer using your CCHMC credentials.

Mac Guide

  1. You may need to first download Microsoft Remote Desktop from the App Store. If unable to download, please contact the I.S. Service Desk at 513.636.4100 for assistance.
  2. Once downloaded, search for Remote Desktop in Finder
  3. Click on Microsoft Remote Desktop
  4. In the below window, click on + to add a new connection

  5. Click on Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  6. In the next window:
    1. for Connection name – enter My Work Desktop
    2. for PC name – enter the asset tag of your CCHMC desktop computer
    3. For User name (Domain\user) - use the format below; you will need to replace user with your CCHMC username.
      • chmccorp\userid
  7. No need to enter a password. You will be prompted for a password whenever you start a remote connection

  8. To start the connection, just double click it.

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