Use The BeMyIT Store to add a budget number for a resource or change an existing budget number for a resource.

Chargebacks Are Discontinued

Policies have changed, and chargeback is no longer a component of the responsible use model for institutional storage systems such as RDS6 or BMIISI.

Changes to Research Storage and Compute Chargebacks:

Follow the instructions below to add or change a budget number:

You must be designated as an owner or a Resource Manager to be able to view and submit budget number changes for that resource.

  1. Login to the BeMyIT Store at

  2. In the Resources area, look under the tab labeled "Manageable Resources" and find the resource you wish to change.

  3. Click the resource name/path or the Request Change button.

  4. Click "Budget" in the left-hand menu.

  5. In the Budget Information section you can Add a budget number, Delete a budget number, or change the Budget Allocation:
    • Add a Budget Number
      1. Click the Add button to display the Add Budget Number window.
      2. The entry for budget number is broken-up into separate fields. Select or fill-in each of the fields: BU, Fund, Department ID, Project BU, Project ID, and Percentage.
      3. Click the Verify button at the bottom.
      4. Look for a Success message at the top of the window when your budget number verifies.

        Budget Number Error

        If budget number does not verify, then send an email to with the budget number that you want to use, and we will take care of it for you.

      5. The Account, Budget Ref Yr, End Date, and Responsible Party fields will be auto-filled for you when the budget number verifies.
      6. Click the OK button at the bottom to close the Add a Budget Number window.
      7. Click the Save button under the Budget Information section to finish adding the budget number.

    • Remove a Budget Number
      1. Click the checkbox next to an existing budget number in the list and then click the Remove button.
      2. Click the OK button in the popup to confirm you want to remove the budget number.
      3. Click the Save button under the Budget Information section to finish adding the budget number.

    • Change the Budget Allocation
      When adding a budget number you can specify how much of the charges will be allocated to it. The Percentage field defaults to 100% but can be edited while adding the budget number.
      1. If you want to change the allocation after you've already added a budget number, just add your second (third, fourth, etc) budget number, set the Percentage, and save it.
      2. Then when you return to the main Budget Information section you'll see a message prompting you to change the allocations.
      3. Click the Budget Allocation button and the Update Budget Number Allocation window will appear.
      4. Reduce the Percentage field for the displayed budget number from 100% to the correct amount so that the total of all your budget number allocations will be 100.
      5. Click the Save button to close the Update Budget Number Allocation window.
      6. Click the Save button under the Budget Information section to finish adding the budget number.