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API vs. Hooks vs. Plugins vs. External Modules


  • Web service that users can utilize to import or export data, metadata, etc.
  • Users can build API scripts in any programming language 
  • Examples:
    • Exporting data out of REDCap and into another system or local device
    • Importing data from another system to a REDCap project


  • Are PHP scripts external to REDCap 
  • Can appear as if part of REDCap (but are not) 
  • Cannot affect behavior or look of existing REDCap pages
  • Examples: 
    • Extra page in a REDCap project
    • Simple dashboards and reports
    • Entire web applications that sit on top of REDCap


  • Are PHP scripts executed internally by REDCap in specific places in the application 
  • Can affect behavior or look of REDCap pages 
  • Examples:
    • Customize a survey page, data entry form, etc.
    • Perform additional back-end operations on data entry forms, survey pages, or during a “save record” event

External Modules

  • Are the next generation of REDCap plugins and hooks 
  • Are kind of a hybrid of plugins and hooks 
  • Can be downloaded from the REDCap Repo (public repository of modules) by a REDCap administrator
  • Examples:
    • Survey Link Lookup
    • Email Alerts module (similar to Auto-Notify plugin)
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