Understanding Email Lists

A common request from CHMCRES Faculty and Staff is to have an email list. 

If you are only sending email to @cchmc.org email addresses, then you should use an Outlook Distribution Lists. Those can be requested by placing a call to 6-4100.

If you are familiar with the traditional mainframe "ListServ" style mailing list Research IT provides a service when some recipients do not have a CCHMC.org email address.

CCHMC List Types:

This list allows all members to send email to one another. All members must all have CCHMC.org email addresses to be part of the list. Changes to list membership must be done by the CCHMC service desk. 

This service can serve both cchmc and non CCHMC members. A list manager must be designated and will be given access to a management portal where they can add/remove/modify members and list behaviors. Those messages will be kept on the recipient's email client per their organization's archiving guidelines. If you've decided that you need a Mailman list or have more questions please email  

Mailchimp is an external service, that is used as a one-way distribution list. You send messages out to the list (@cchmc.org and none @cchmc.org addresses), but recipients can not reply to the list. Common examples are marking information or newsletters. see mailchimp.com for more information.  This service is not managed by CCHMC, departments/groups wanting to use Mailchimp must contact them directly and pay any applicable fees.