***** Below steps are now in effect

The mailman system (mailman.cchmc.org) which provides mail lists for CCHMC was upgraded to Mailman version 3 on 3/9/2022.

The old mailman system was version 2 which is no longer being supported or security patched. 

To access your list settings  you need to create an account on the new system. Please see the below instructions:

For Admins and Moderators:

To access the settings or moderated any messages of your migrated mailman list (or lists) you need to follow the below instructions to create an account. This is because there is no longer a shared password to manage each list. Each list admin (or moderator) needs to create an account on the mailman 3 system to access any lists they administrator.  Your mail list WILL NOT stop working if you do not set up my admin account. However, you will not be able to do any list administration (add users, delete users, etc..) or moderation until you set up an account.

For Users:  

Users on the lists do not need to set up an account on the mailman system to SEND OR RECEIVE emails from a list. sending and receiving emails will work exactly like it did on the old system.

users would only need an account on the system if they were accessing their individual settings for a list. If you had users (not admins or moderators) that were logging into mailman 2, please reach out to


Creating an account in the new mailman system:

To create an account go to http://mailman.cchmc.org/ and click the sign up button.

Enter in your information:

!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not use your CCHMC password for this system, a separate password should be used.

You will see this screen about a confirmation email

Go to your inbox and find the confirmation email.

After you click on the confirmation link, you will be taken back to mailman

Now you can sign in.

To access your mail list after your account is created, you can go to

https://mailman.cchmc.org/     and click the login button

Then you can select the drop down 'filter by role" to filter the lists you are the Owner of.

Then click the name of the list to access the list settings.

The mailman 3 interface is laid out differently than mailman 2 but is still pretty intuitive, But I have created a site with some instructions if needed.

********* Note the  old links to access a list http://mailman.cchmc.org/maillman/admin/....   no longer work, You should go to http://mailman.cchmc.org/  and login to access your list.

Click here for basic mailman 3 instructions